Friday, July 18, 2008


I have learned a lot in the last week or so here in Palestine. I must thank so many Palestinians who have taken the time to tell their stories and welcome me into their cities, villages, refugee camps, homes and organizations, as well as Birthright Unplugged for helping me learn through the relationships they have built here. Of course my experiences are just on the surface of things. I will try to communicate my experiences the best I can and as I have promised I would and will continue to do when I leave here.

So far, I have been in half-shock about circumstances that are beyond anything I really thought was possible. It is easy for me to cry here. I have also been in awe- for there is resistance in every moment here- and I will try to communicate this along with the violent oppression- both of which I am experiencing only superficially.

Some of you know a lot about what I am writing about- I will likely get information off- please post comments to clarify. If you have not heard some of this before or if you for any reason are not 100% open to hearing what I write as truth- I urge you to please read for my experience- because no matter the facts of the larger situation- my experience is mine, and as you are my friends and family, it might be worth reading about. Also- I might ask you to read what I've written imagining it was you- your family- that was living the reality I am writing about. I ask you to do this- not because any of us can ever really know what this is like- but because for me- what I am seeing here- is impossible to accept and impossible not to reject.

This experience is pushing me to continue to try and figure out how I can best be a part of creating a more just world. And if you aren't already, I want you to join me. I am hoping future posts will be more about resistance here and how that can connect to resistance at home.

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