Saturday, July 26, 2008


On July 23rd, I attended a women's demonstration in the village of Nl'in. For a great description of what this protest was about, please read another IWPS volunteer's blog entry about it, here.

This young woman was one of the
organizers of the women's demonstration.
The banner read, "Women Against the Apartheid Wall".

These are 2 of 8 seniors from one Israeli high school who are refusing to serve in the military and will instead go to prison in September. They came to the demonstration along with several other Israelis from Anarchists Against the Wall and a new group called Queer it Up.

This is one of the bulldozers working on Nl'in's land to build the separation wall between the village and the close settlement, Modi'in Illit.

This is the settlement Modi'in Illit.

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